Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink

My thoughts? It was a decent video mostly, with numerous trenchant points made by an engaging speaker. But while this horse has admirably gotten himself up to the water - and he's clearly thirsty....he just can't get himself to drink. His diagnosis is spot on, but his remedy - if he even really offered one [...]

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Another eBook Published!

Obviously it's a book of principally regional appeal - about homeschooling on Long Island, New York. But much of what I've written is suitable for any parents on the cusp of *educating their own*. For the most part, I tried to summarize the basic requirements and answer the stock questions. And at the same time, [...]

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Fun AND Learning With LEGOs

But perhaps the best part of the whole thing... Is how he can do it all himself, i.e. without bugging me for help. I mean, I'm swamped! If you want to buy LEGO Mindstorms for your child I would suggest waiting until Black Friday. Usually it's offered on sale for $100 cheaper than usual on [...]

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Tutoring/Teaching – First Year Lessons

While I've been casually *teaching* my whole life and directly instructing my own children for the past 5 years, it's now just about a year since I started teaching math privately for pay. I wouldn't say that I went into it with any preconceived notions but have nonetheless learned a whole lot and quite frankly, [...]

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Going Mainstream!

Last Monday I took my kids on a *homeschool cruise* around Manhattan. It was just the Circle Line one that caters to NYC tourists.  Over 90 minutes we motored, slowly, down to the Statue of Liberty and back up the Hudson.  For NY-ers, this was not such a big deal. But for homeschoolers it was. [...]

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Educational Empires

Today I just want to share an analogy that just popped into my head. About 500 years ago, brave souls started leaving the social stratification and intolerance of England for the freedom and opportunity in the New World. And look what happened!  Almost instantly (within a couple hundred years) America became the wealthiest, strongest, most [...]

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Video Game Violence!

    I'm not talking about the content, first-person shooters, glorified gangs, thieves, and pimps....I'm talking about ME versus everyone, and I mean literally EVERYONE, who blithely lets their kids play video games and pluck away on other devices. Kids with cell phones? I just heard of a 5 year old who has their own [...]

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Discipline – It May Be EVERYTHING

It's common knowledge now, that success in general comes simply from putting more hours in and doing more reps than your competition. I've read studies that supposedly *prove* self-discipline is the most important determinant for academic success in college - as opposed to incoming SAT scores or high school grades... But I submit that outside [...]

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