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I'm about the biggest, craziest homeschooling advocate you'll ever meet. I'm truly passionate about helping everyone skip school and have as much success as my family is enjoying. Never miss a post - connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Evolution of a Piano Prodigy

Our 10.71 year old son John continues to make great music on the piano. Here's his latest - a very, very fast song that he's been working on for several months. WARNING - you may get dizzy watching his fingers fly! We still don't even have a piano! There he was playing at [...]

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Blasting Through Bangkok

Bangkok was to be our last stop before returning to our long lost home in New York....and it'd be brief too. If you haven't read the first two Thailand posts, here they are: Riding Pachyderms in Chiang Mai, Thailand Relaxing in Phuket, Thailand And here's my photo GALLERY for Bangkok - in case you [...]

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Relaxing in Phuket, Thailand

First visit - Riding Pachyderms in Chiang Mai, Thailand for context if you haven't already. Wednesday We flew 1 hr 40 min from Chiang Mai at nearly the top of Thailand, 754 miles south to almost the bottom, just above Malaysia. Phuket is beach destination. After 15 months of un-tropical London....we were very much [...]

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Leaving London

Recall we came to London 14 months ago because I read a provocative book - The New Global Student. And what an amazing time we've had here! The movers packed our stuff and sent it off to an air crate yesterday. Our kids had their best "mate" Sean over in the afternoon. They went out [...]

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Sledging through the Swiss Alps

Our second winter trip was to Zermatt, Switzerland. My wife wanted to see the Alps up close (she's seen them from a plane, aplenty)....and it was sort of an obvious "winter" trip in Europe. Zermatt, in the winter anyway, is a serious ski town. But we don't ski! Although we did actually buy ski pants [...]

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