Relaxing in Phuket, Thailand

First visit - Riding Pachyderms in Chiang Mai, Thailand for context if you haven't already. Wednesday We flew 1 hr 40 min from Chiang Mai at nearly the top of Thailand, 754 miles south to almost the bottom, just above Malaysia. Phuket is beach destination. After 15 months of un-tropical London....we were very much [...]

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Sledging through the Swiss Alps

Our second winter trip was to Zermatt, Switzerland. My wife wanted to see the Alps up close (she's seen them from a plane, aplenty)....and it was sort of an obvious "winter" trip in Europe. Zermatt, in the winter anyway, is a serious ski town. But we don't ski! Although we did actually buy ski pants [...]

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Horrible Parenting and Minecraft Addiction

I STRONGLY believe that Minecraft is a horrible thing. The number of shiftless teens and young adults who are addicted to the tune of 12+ hours a day is troubling enough. But I submit even worse are the younger kids who are inhaling this poisonous mind drug. Of course these kids are completely enabled by [...]

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Living in London – Weeks 2, 3, and 4

Sorry. We've been so busy that I haven't had time to update...  Week 2 We finally had our belongings delivered from the States! Our PCs, the piano keyboard, our kitchen stuff, the rest of our clothing, our books and workbooks,... It was only then that I discovered how much my daughter and my wife OVERPACKED! [...]

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Genuine Education Versus Grades

As a math tutor, I'm routinely summoned by frantic parents, "My son/daughter has a big test this week....can you please come to help them study?" Sure. That's my job - or at least one of them. But all too often I'm disgusted by the test material. Schools and "certified" teachers torture these poor kids with [...]

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The Determination Curriculum

A few weeks ago my son solved the Rubik's Cube! No, he certainly didn't figure it all on his own. He followed the instructions on their website. Nonetheless, it still took several hours, some sweat, and certainly some tears. I would say it took him one 4 hour session - which was interrupted several times [...]

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Book Review – The New Global Student

I'm always reading new books....I'm always educating myself on education! Maya Frost in the The New Global Student wants you to... Ship your 15 year old off to a Third World country for an entire year! I know, it sounds crazy. She and her husband essentially did this. They left a comfortable life here in [...]

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Homeschool = Daycare Plus!

How much does daycare or childcare cost where you live? I heard it's pushing $2,000 a month in Boston and New York....for the "acceptable" places anyway. That's be $100 per day. What if I told you that you could get high quality daycare from 9am-3pm for only $39 AND... ...your child would have an hour [...]

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