My wife and I are natives of Long Island, New York and Central Massachusetts, graduates of Boston College and UPenn, and have both worked in finance/Wall Street for 15+ years – our entire careers. Although now I primarily teach accelerated math and advise parents on how to educate their children.

As a family we’ve moved from Philly to Brooklyn, to Charlotte, to Boston, before returning to New York in May 2010. We moved to Manhasset – a small town just outside Queens, approximately 17 miles from Manhattan.

But after three years we got the itch again….and moved to London for 14 months.  You can read more about that amazing journey (hitting 11 countries!) on my blog.

John was born in November 2004.  Christine came in June 2006.

Dan Louzonis
Dan LouzonisPic from York, Maine
Golf is my passion now (7-handicap). Before golf it was basketball because I grew up idolizing Larry Bird – but that was a long, long time ago. I am also now pathologically addicted to chess thanks to choosing it as an activity for my kids. I’m a recovering invalid (back surgery, torn ACLs) who had to become a workout-wacko just to function. I love to read and write.   Click Here to see the books I have read.  And I’m on the brink of becoming a stand up comedian.
I would say “marrying up”….but the vast majority of men do as it’s their only option! When I was in high school, my math team won the New England Championship. I also led the Western Massachusetts team at Nationals (ARML) both my junior and senior years. This early success importantly taught me that I could compete intellectually….with absolutely anyone, so long as I outworked them.
I strongly believe the gap between most people’s performance and their peak potential (including mine!) is tragically enormous.  Everything should be aimed at narrowing that gap. EVERYTHING.
I am a self-help and self-improvement wacko.  I love to experiment on not only my golf swing….but also on my children!
I am a small “l” libertarian and a big “C” Christian. I subsist of a diet of selective ignorance – meaning I don’t watch color TV and I don’t follow the so-called “news”. Try it out!