Evolution of a Piano Prodigy

Our 10.71 year old son John continues to make great music on the piano. Here's his latest - a very, very fast song that he's been working on for several months. WARNING - you may get dizzy watching his fingers fly! We still don't even have a piano! There he was playing at [...]

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Piano Update – Almost 2 Years

As someone who's never played the piano, I'm continually and increasingly amazed at watching his fingers move all over the keyboard. The piano is a core part of our "curriculum" and it has traveled to London with us. And we've hired a piano instructor already too. An hour of practice per day, maybe a little [...]

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Piano Plus Singing?

Watch the video's not just a pic with a weird arrow on it! That was at last week's homeschool talent show in NYC. We started piano only 13 months ago. But Christine started singing this past fall (in a choir) and has really taken to it. In fact she has asked for a private [...]

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Piano Progress – 1 Year!

John's teacher said that in the course of a single year he has done "at least two and a half year's" worth of work. When John wakes up in the morning, every morning, the very first thing he does is saunter over to the keyboard usually with his favorite blanket draped over him. And when [...]

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Piano Prodigy – 8 Month Update

Now I don't know much about music in general - no less the piano - but I have been astounded at John's rapid progress over the past few months. He plays everyday, but I would say never really more than for an hour. And I don't have to *tell* him to practice either. He jumps [...]

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Piano Progress!

Still less than 3 months after his first lesson: Admittedly, I don't know much about the piano and I'm sure the early learning curve is *steep*... But still, John seems to have made RAPID PROGRESS and his instructor has said as much. We can't help but wonder if all the *other* early work we've done [...]

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Beginning Piano

While I firmly believe that almost any parent can get their child started on piano lessons via the copious free instruction on YouTube...for a few reasons that approach just didn't work out in our household.  Basically my wife and I just had higher priorities like math, reading, chess, computers, art, etc. and have thus been [...]

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Surround Sound Education

My kids received this CD collection for Christmas from their grandmother (at our behest).  There are 18 of them and each one covers the life and music of a different famous composer. First we did Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake, Waltz of the Flowers, etc.) and then we moved on to Wagner and Schubert. We listen to [...]

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