While I firmly believe that almost any parent can get their child started on piano lessons via the copious free instruction on YouTube…for a few reasons that approach just didn’t work out in our household.  Basically my wife and I just had higher priorities like math, reading, chess, computers, art, etc. and have thus been strapped for time.

But we didn’t give up this desire.

Recently we commissioned that talented gentleman, a former concert pianist, to teach both John and Christine….and get this, it’s not costing us ANY MONEY.

How so? Well we worked it out so that I would tutor his daughters in math in exchange for and simultaneous to the piano instruction!

A *piano* is cheap nowadays too. We actually bought an 88-key, weighted keyboard  that sounds as good as, if not better than, most pianos for only $400.

There’s just got to be someone in your circles, a relative, friend, neighbor, or local teenager whom you can strike up a similar barter arrangement with – even if the swap is non-academic (e.g. babysitting).

Here are the books we are starting with:

Piano Adventures Lesson Book, Primer

Bastien Piano Basics Level 1 – Piano

The Music Tree: Student’s Book, Time to Begin




There’s no doubt in my mind that a literate, enthusiastic parent could pick up these books, a keyboard,  and get their children started on the piano ALL ON THEIR OWN.

So what are you waiting for?

And if they don’t take to it….you can always sell the keyboard on Craigslist for a fractional monetary loss…