Watch the video above….it’s not just a pic with a weird arrow on it!

That was at last week’s homeschool talent show in NYC.

We started piano only 13 months ago.

But Christine started singing this past fall (in a choir) and has really taken to it. In fact she has asked for a private voice coach! Although that’s only because she knows at least 3 other kids, kids who are much further along, who are fortunate enough to have private instruction.

It’s certainly pretty cool to see my son play chess at a high level and see him whip around math equations that I couldn’t handle until I was 6-7 years older….but this salient we’ve made into the arts, a realm beyond our personal experience, has truly delighted my wife and I.

No color TV, no video games and I mean NONE….an early emphasis on math, reading….and a 7-days per week regimen….that’s the entire, secret recipe.