My kids received this CD collection for Christmas from their grandmother (at our behest).  There are 18 of them and each one covers the life and music of a different famous composer.

First we did Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake, Waltz of the Flowers, etc.) and then we moved on to Wagner and Schubert.

We listen to these in the car instead of the nonsense on the radio.  And I must say, that my wife and I are enjoying them just as much as the kids!

Even though I had *music class* through 8th grade….I learned absolutely nothing about and had no exposure to the landmark work of these musical geniuses.

In middle school our music teacher taught us EGBDF and FACE but that’s about all I remember from a half year of *study*.  Why they didn’t  at least play these famous symphonies in the background….I CANNOT understand for the life of me.

It’d be like trying to get some child excited about golf without letting them see or learn about Tiger Woods!

You can buy the CDs here for $60 – though check your local library for availability first.

If you can, don’t let the grandparents buy your kids yet another stupid plastic toy…