Updates – Math, Chess

John is chugging along with Khan Academy. As you can see, now he's completed 320 of the 415 *skills*. If one goes too slow with this, well, that's not good in its own right, not an effective way to learn math, but also he or she will fall behind because Khan keeps adding skills! Two [...]

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Chess Update – Another Trophy!

In the wake of his First Chess was time to step up a weight class. This past weekend John and I drove to Philadelphia to compete at a larger venue. Whereas the tournament John won this past fall featured kids, his own age, with chess *ratings* below 600....this one had no age restrictions and [...]

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First Chess Championship!

This weekend, John won his first chess tournament. He won the 2nd/3rd grade division at a very large scholastic tournament here on Long Island (NY). Just to give you an idea of the rate of his progress... One year ago he played in this tournament in the exact same division, and, well, he didn't do [...]

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Hiring A Chess Tutor!

When your 7.63 year old is already better than you at chess...see our respective rankings above... It's not only extremely humbling, but it's also probably time to find him a more advanced instructor. And that's what we're doing now. I've procured the services of a highly ranked (2100 rating) tutor for 1-on-1 lessons for John [...]

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How To Get Your Child Started With Chess

First, they have to learn how the pieces move. So you can find someone familiar with the game to demonstrate the moves - or some free instruction on the internet. OR you can use Chess Titans, a program that comes bundled with Windows (under Accessories, next to Solitaire and Minesweeper). On that game you can [...]

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