Obviously it’s a book of principally regional appeal – about homeschooling on Long Island, New York.

But much of what I’ve written is suitable for any parents on the cusp of *educating their own*.

For the most part, I tried to summarize the basic requirements and answer the stock questions.

And at the same time, hopefully I painted a vivid, inspirational portrait of the amazing things self-educating families are doing.

What do you think of that book cover image I chose?

Yes those are my kids in the lower right. It was taken in October 2010 at Blydenburg State Park.

They had a guided walk with a renowned naturalist (Peter Walsh) on an obscenely gorgeous and warm fall day – while all the other kids on Long Island were locked inside, handcuffed to desks!

Oh here’s one thing everyone might want to take a look at…

I started making a consolidated page listing all of the canned curricular type of stuff we use, grouped by subject. I’m not done yet, so there’ll be more when I get around to it.