Last Monday I took my kids on a *homeschool cruise* around Manhattan.

It was just the Circle Line one that caters to NYC tourists.  Over 90 minutes we motored, slowly, down to the Statue of Liberty and back up the Hudson.  For NY-ers, this was not such a big deal.

But for homeschoolers it was.

Why is that?

Because we had 400 people signed up!

I’m telling you, the parent-led, individualized education movement is about to explode.  Only a couple of years ago, an organized event like this would get about 40-50 people to sign up.  But now more and more events are – as they would say on Wall Street – “surprising on the upside” – in terms of attendance.

And don’t believe this is simply a case of a crusty old northeastern region finally discovering, in terms of educational wonders, what the rest of the country already well knews.  The ramificantions of this cannot be understated because the Boston-Washington DC corridor still controls the media and the parameters of national discourse.  So as homeschooling becomes accepted here and among the pinheads on TV and in the print media, you can only expect to see more and more people *opt out* of the system.

I mean….just about every single person I know with kids in school already has a litany of complaints that they are all too eager to share with my wife and me.

Just a little more press and popularity should help them get past their weak excuses.



And it would help them immensely, if they could really see the possibilities…