Today I just want to share an analogy that just popped into my head.

About 500 years ago, brave souls started leaving the social stratification and intolerance of England for the freedom and opportunity in the New World.

And look what happened!  Almost instantly (within a couple hundred years) America became the wealthiest, strongest, most innovative, and most productive country on the planet.

Guess what, a similar seismic shift is underway again – but in terms of the educational landscape.

Families and students are fleeing the outdated, ineffective, and inhumane confines of institutional education by moving towards homeschooling, self-education, and online learning.

If you think about it, the historical parallels are profound.

And the results?  Well, they are already proving equivalently spectactular.

You know, 10-20 years ago the stock complaint or cynicism against homeschooling was, “Are the they kids learning anything?”

But today, the main criticism against parents directing the education of their own is, “What about socialization?”

So what happened to the original complaint?

Ah….it must have been answered!