How much does daycare or childcare cost where you live?

I heard it’s pushing $2,000 a month in Boston and New York….for the “acceptable” places anyway.

That’s be $100 per day.

What if I told you that you could get high quality daycare from 9am-3pm for only $39 AND…

…your child would have an hour of Spanish in a small group (8 students or less), an hour of origami with a renowned instructor, an hour of chess with a master-level player, a Story-Writing class, a KEVA Planks class, and of course time for free play???

Well that’s what I’m offering one day per week for local children here in the NYC-area unencumbered by school obligations.

Most of the kids are only doing part of the day, but a few are taking me up for the full day.

This isn’t an advertisement – after all I’m booked!

I just wanted to highlight how affordable and how AWESOME education outside the system can be.