Electrification Education

In the wake of a storm, we've lost electrical power here on Long Island for 7 days 15 days now and counting. Sure there is a some real tragedy - although it's been blown way out of proportion by the media - but for the most part the storm has delivered what can best be [...]

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Making Reading Fun

The other night my wife and I dropped our kids off at their grandmother's at we could go out to dinner. Now our kids are NEVER without books to read or academic assignments to do. In fact we take this *precaution* most especially when it's a babysitting situation. Why? Well it does make the [...]

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Teen Reading List 1

Teenagers, in the course of their education, DO NOT read enough. And they definitely don't read enough of the important books from the last 50-100 years or so which are tragically ignored by school curricula. These are some of the books that I've read recently and believe are MUST-READS for the +12 age group: Flags [...]

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Cultivating Bibliophilia

My daughter has finally become a full-blown bibliophile! All the signs are there: opening a book in bed the second she wakes up, reading at the breakfast table, walking around with her eyes buried in a book, etc. Those are just SOME of the books she has checked out of the library right now. In [...]

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Second Grade Reading List?

  Through the first three academic quarters of this year (about 8 months), these are some, but not all(!), of the books our son John (age 7.42 now) has read. Brace yourself... 2nd Quarter: The Mystery at the Roman Colosseum (Around the World in 80 Mysteries) (Carole Marsh Mysteries) - 126 pg The Mystery at the [...]

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Raising Bibliophiles

That's the status of our library account right now! We almost never have fewer than 60 books checked out.   8-10 of them are *parental* and the rest are the kids'. A lot of people are neither aware nor take full advantage of the library resources available to them.  Most local libraries are part of [...]

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A Few Months….A Few Books

This is a list of what my 6 year old son has read and recorded in his *books* Google Doc for this year's first quarter. I'm sure he's missed a bunch but that's understandable given the overall book chaos in our house. The Secrets of Droon #35: Lost Empire of Koomba - 128 pg Vespers Rising [...]

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Educational Games – Bananagrams

Kids all learn (are taught) to read at different rates and by different means. With all the phonics books, websites, and theories out there... I still doubt there's a better approach than sitting down with them and playing with something like Bananagrams. "Furball"? That's an old nickname of mine wielded by my golf jabronis. And [...]

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Early Reading

Here's our son reading random words at age 4.8: Now at age 5.5 here he is reading a *chapter book* all by himself: At the time he simply could not read to himself silently. It was kind of funny and probably unpleasant for his throat! John easily reads 100 pages a day now; sometimes he's [...]

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