Post-Launch Cruising

I strongly believe that parents ought to invest or put effort into their children when they are very, very young BECAUSE this is where all the payoff lies. The heights children ultimately ascend to are predominantly a function of initial *launch angle* and *escape velocity*. Today I had to see a tutoring client (SAT math) [...]

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Education Technology – Group vs. Individualized

Too many of the technological breakthroughs trumpeted in the education field today are for *group learning environments*. Smartboards, Piazza, Blackboard, packaged software... And most educational websites are designed for and marketed to classrooms and over-funded school districts. I would even, to a lesser extent, throw in all the free online lectures proliferating out there as [...]

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Sudbury Valley – The UnSchool

Now I don't endorse this type of school, because I believe it creates a fantasy world for children; and because it separates them from the real world of family (parents) and work. But still, I do agree with its premise - that children can only reach their full potential when they have time and freedom [...]

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