We just made another math video on quadratic equations:

While we were shooting this one my son said, to me…

“Dad, did you know that if you can teach something then you really, really know it well.”

Of course I knew I that. But I was curious…where did he hear it?

“Oh I heard that on BrainPop.com the other day.”

Just because my son has done the exercises and covered all the material of a standard algebra curriculum that DOESN’T mean he or any other similar student fully grasps the material – not by any stretch.

Making these videos will certainly help take his conceptual understanding to another level.

If I were edu-Czar….I wouldn’t let any student graduate to the next topic – especially in a profoundly progressive subject like math! – unless they could stand up and orally demonstrate what they’ve learned.

Tragically, such a logical standard is just NOT FEASIBLE in today’s conventional group learning environments.

In fact cynics assert that math isn’t taught in schools for the sake of its own importance and elegance….but rather because as a subject, it’s very easy to assign work, to sequence, and to test.