A few days before her 4th birthday she finished Kumon’s Addition Workbook – recommended for ages 5,6,7:

Here she is at age 4.5, starting multiplication:

Now mastering the basics only 3 months later, at age 4.75:

That program is Math Rider – a terrific resource for learning the math facts. It’s really a no-brainer investment ($37) for parents of multiple children.

As for her brother…

Well John really is off-the-chart:

He finished all the Kumon Math Books and began algebra at age 5.25!
Then we started slowing down – the math at least.

Still by age 6.5 he had essentially finished algebra!

Right now we do high school level geometry – a pile of great worksheets I found online, for free – and I occasionally give him some homemade algebra and geometry review worksheets to do.

I already bought a calculus book for him but don’t see any rush to jump into it – believe me, it’s not exactly easy to find a calculus book suited for his age. Instead I have him studying and prepping for some math competitions. First up will be the AMC 8 a 40-minute test covering up through middle school math this November. In fact it will be given only a few days before his 7th birthday.