I just read and thoroughly enjoyed – Marva Collins’ Way.

Marva was a teacher who achieved amazing things with underprivileged children in Chicago. Watch the clips:


Her secret?

Well I would say that she taught in the manner of a loving parent!

And technically, she engaged her students in the same *individualized* manner in which my wife and I do.

Marva didn’t lecture like most teachers. She had children work independently for the most part at whatever level they happened to be on. And while this was going on she was stalking the BACK of the classroom, looking over the shoulders of her kids, and correcting small mistakes in real-time.

She also – as you saw in the videos – had a strong emphasis on the Classics.

Although perhaps the biggest take-away from this fine woman, one that I concur with whole-heartedly, is the sheer power of HIGH EXPECTATIONS.