Not since the *written word* has there been an educational boon comparable what we have today in cheap computers and the bounty of the internet.

When they were only two years old, we had our children sitting on our laps, typing out the alphabet.

Soon they had their own email accounts, their own folders and YouTube playlists, and they could navigate their way around Windows quite remarkably. Better than the grandparents for sure!

Today they publish active blogs and utilize numerous educational websites and software. In fact I email them many of their daily assignments!

All too often I hear parents say that they *don’t want their kids on the computer* for a variety of reasons.  I genuinely weep for those children because they are missing out on the most tremendous learning opportunities in the history of mankind.

Personally, I learned more from five years of blogging and Googling than I did in my ENTIRE illustrious education (which included an Ivy League degree).

So why would I deny that tool, that edu-weapon from my children.

Technology is YOUR FRIEND.  Sure it has it’s downside and limits….but for the most part scientific progress makes our lives easier, much easier in fact.

Every month week day I find terrific new educational websites and opportunities for me and my family online.  We really are at the frontier of a whole new educational landscape.