That’s right. And it’s not just a trip either.

We will be spending next year, ALL OF NEXT YEAR, in Europe.
We are temporarily moving to London this January, for 12 months or so.

And we’ll use it as a launchpad to see as much of Europe as we can. (Flights are much cheaper to Europe, from Europe.)

Why are we doing this?

Of course for the obvious educational and experiential benefits for our young children!

How can we do this?

Well, we can do what we want. We aren’t tethered (manacled?) to a school for starters. Though even if we were….the kids could certainly go to school in a foreign (sort of) country. My wife simply angled for a short-term job in London within the large, international corporation (aren’t they all?) which employs her.

But not only does *educating our own* grant us the wiggle room to easily skip town in the middle of a year….but it also allows us to take full advantage of this wondrous opportunity.

We plan on living in Central London – without a car, which should also be a worthwhile experience for our children (my wife and I already endured living in a “closet” in Brooklyn). So we’ll try to get a place close to the subway (the “Tube”) and pretty close to a library. We’ll easily find dance classes, chess tournaments, a new piano teacher….and I’ve already connected with a few families over there – families like us.

In the United Kingdom, however, they call it “home education” rather than “homeschooling”. Personally I don’t like either term….but admittedly theirs is slightly more palatable. Anyways, I’ve already joined 4 London-based “HE” Yahoo Groups and thus far have been very impressed by the activities I’ve seen posted.

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