I am currently making flashcards to quiz and sharpen the minds of my children.

There are several apps (applications) out there for such an endeavor.

The one I am trying out first is GFlash+ (now defunct).

Very simply, you create a Google Spreadsheet (need a Gmail account), add your info in columns A and B, and simply share the document with “gwhizmobile at gmail.com”. Within 30 minutes it should be listed in the app’s directory albeit for ANYONE to utilize. Of course there are already tons of flashcards available on the database that you can use too.

But I do feel like they are hard to search and not of the highest quality. So I’m making my own – which isn’t going to take much effort.

PLUS, it helps that these can be created/updated right from Google Docs. Recall my son is already studying vocabulary by entering new words into a Google Doc.

States and capitals, math facts, historical facts, important quotes, the chronology of Presidents, foreign languages….the possibilities are almost endless for flashcard creation.

And going forward flashcard apps are only going to get more robust. Soon they will all have image and sound capabilities. So, for example, a flashcard might just show a famous painting and the student has to guess the painter, or genre.

There’ll be much, much more on flashcards on the way. I’m going to label mine with “Cyber-Scholar.com” on GFlash+ if you want to search for them.

Again, you don’t need an expensive iPad or other tablet….just a smart-phone. Instead of letting them play *Angry Birds* while you wait for dinner to come out….have them use your phone to LEARN in what might seem to be dead spots.