That young man – Magnus Carlsen – is now 21 years old and has been the best chess player on Earth since he was 19. You can watch him beat 10 players simultaneously, while PLAYING BLIND, here.

Many people have labeled him *lazy* and a *natural*….but is that possible?

Of course it’s not. Magnus just studies far more efficiently. The young man touted his online access to “4 million games” as THE KEY REASON he was able to ascend the chess ranks so fast. Never before has it been possible to acquire so much playing experience, and consume so many lessons so efficiently.

Now when I play chess…in online games I make my move against my opponent but I also key the position into my phone’s chess app to see what the *optimal move* for me would have been. I can’t emphasize enough how helpful this instant, *professional* feedback has been.

And this storyline is hardly limited to just chess. Recently we’ve seen more than a couple individuals win the World Series of Poker….ONLY a few years after they started playing the game! How is that possible? Well these upstarts are online, all-day, playing 10-20 games simultaneously, probably with odds-reporting software running constantly on the side.

Golf too. First Tiger Woods and now Rory McIlroy and other young pups are vaulting up the World Golf Rankings faster than ever. Why? Well they have benefited enormously from cheap video cameras, YouTube, and other technological, educational breakthroughs like the ability to *email their swing* to their instructors.

The fact is – whatever you are endeavoring, there’s a way to utilize the latest technology to improve your results. And if you aren’t taking advantage, remember that your opponents and competition most certainly are!