Last week there was a *History Fair* in Manhattan for kids educated outside the system.

Since it was the first one we went to, I had no idea how it was going to work.

My son had done a project on John Smith (the explorer) over a month ago and we figured it was logical that he present himself as Mr. Smith, in cognito.

But alas we were way too busy to prepare. I really tried to figure out a costume of sorts but was unsuccessful. And with a million other activities going on I made the decision to just attend and then next year, after seeing how the Fair worked, he and his sister could more effectively present.

Anyways, midway through the Fair my son came over and announced that he wanted *to go up…and do John Smith*.

I pulled him outside and admonished him that we hadn’t prepared at all. And I started quizzing him on what he remembered about John Smith and what he would say.

Unsatisfied with his answers I told him, “Next year.”

Later on during the Fair, I noticed that my son was standing on-stage with mic in hand! I quickly turned my camera on:

I guess the moderator had asked the audience if anyone else wanted to go up or something.

Anyways it wasn’t a technically great presentation. John probably should have used the word *explorer* and added a couple more hints.

BUT it was impressive for a 6 year old to eagerly go up *cold* in front of all those people. Heck I’m 37 and wouldn’t be comfortable doing that.

Apparently there’s simply no holding him back!