Here’s my daughter’s recent dance performance from the town’s annual *school* fair. It shouldn’t be too hard to identify Christine:

My kids have never felt butterflies in their stomach, suffered stagefright, or any other public performance malady. In fact, they’re always begging to go up on stage.

I do believe that the ability and confidence to stand in front of a group and perform is a very important life skill – no matter what field or career a person opts for.

Of course it’s an *acquired skill*….it’s all about getting the reps in. I’ve heard numerous stories of famous public speakers who’ve overcome even stuttering afflictions on their path to competence.

And it’s not just my kids either. Last May we attended a conference in Ohio for *children educated outside the system*….and they had a real problem with the talent show. Too many kids wanted to perform! It basically went all night long!

Dance and drama can cost a lot money, especially if you live in a wealthier metropolitan area. My daughter’s dance class (from the video) costs over $1,000 for the year! And some local drama classes are even more cost prohibitive.

BUT there are numerous other ways kids can get their reps in; and resourceful parents (and eager children!) will have no trouble finding them.

Check out this movie trailer. The star is a talented and brilliant young boy we know from here on Long Island:

Of course he’s *educated outside the system*….how else would could a 10-11 year old POSSIBLY be acting in movies???